Time Synchronisation For Your Organisation

ntptimeserver provide affordable simple-to-use stratum-1 network time sources with GPS-reference clocks to give you reliable and accuration time-synchronisation on your network. Our time-sources provide time syncrhonisation at previously inaccessible low-cost through the innovative use of low-powered network appliances and GPS receivers.

Time synchronisation problems within your company can be solved by installing one of our network time sources on your network.To see how it works view a live demonstration of one of our time-sources in action.




    The NTS1-PI-USB is a stratum-1 network time server. Available for immediate delivery for £375 (+VAT). Low power and utilises a low-cost USB GPS receiver to provide network time capabilities.

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  • NTS1-GPS


    A stratum 1 Network Time Server with a GPS reference available for £349 (+VAT). It includes everything you need to get going. Buy Now, buy one today.

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  • GPS Receiver

    GPS Receiver

    A USB based SIRF-III GPS receiver providing real-time NMEA GPS data

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We have sold time sources into worldwide into industrial, academic, media and security industries